Tall Tales

Yeehaw! Yer in for a heckuva’ time here in the vast, wild frontier with Tall Tales, a folk hero roleplayin’ game set in the American frontier. There’s a fair chunk o’ this here land that’s still untamed, unexplored, and unknown. There’s all sorts o’ interestin’ folk in the frontier. Prospectors, explorers, lumberjacks, an’ hunters are lookin’ to make a livin’ off the land an’ the bounties o’ the frontier.

PaulBunyan3But there’s jest as many folk who want the frontier all themselves. They’re more interested in exploitin’ the land — an’ the commonfolk — for their own purposes. Not jest that, though. Life in frontier America can be mighty dangerous if ye don’t watch yerself. Ye gotta’ keep an eye out fer them wild gollywhoppers an’ hodags just waitin’ fer unwary folk to wander their way.


If we told you the full name of this game was Tall Tales Roleplaying: A Yarn Spinnin’ Game of Folk Hero Adventure in the American Frontier, you might think I was pulling your leg. And you might be right. But you can call it the Tall Tales RPG for short. Tall Tales features the Triple Threat System, which is a mighty cool name for what we think is a mighty fine roleplaying engine. The philosophy and application of the Triple Threat System is simple: It’s fast. It’s flexible. It’s fun.

The Triple Threat System and Tall Tales RPG is being published by Gamer Nation Studios and are the products of Award-Winning game designer Jay Little, who designed such notable properties as Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (RPG), Blood Bowl: Team Manager and X-Wing Miniatures, all from FFG.  Jay has joined Gamer Nation Studios as a managing designer and through collaboration with Dave and Chris, we hope to bring this RPG to life later in 2014 through kickstarter.

For more information on this title, check out talltalesrpg.com


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