Pillage LogoPILLAGE! is Gamer Nation Studios’ third project to reach prototype and play testing, and will be featured at GENCON with an event in August 2013.

PILLAGE! is a fun and fast card game for 2 to 4 players in which the object is to, quite frankly, pillage the village.  Players choose or are randomly given a race of monsters with which to try and destroy as many items in the Pillage Deck, or play deck, as possible.  For every item they destroy, or collect, they earn victory points (“Pillage Points”).  Some items, though, can be used in recipes to make siege weapons which are very effective against fortifications and higher point value targets in the village.

Each player begins play with 3 monsters of their chosen race.  The races available are Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and Kobolds and the class of monsters are Mystic, Scout and Warlord.  Each race has a special ability to help them in a specific way, and each monster class also has a special ability such as healing, that helps the player keep his monsters alive.

The play is simple, players activate their monsters in any order they choose to either perform an action or draw from the pillage pile.  If the card drawn reveals a collectable or pillaged item, it is added to that player’s Pillage Pile of pillaged cards.  If, however, a Defender (e.g. a knight or angry mob) appears to halt the onslaught and protect their home, the monster is forced into combat.  A simple roll of a six sided die is required and if the monster’s total die roll and special ability or weapon bonus beats the defense score of the Defender, they are defeated and the player claims the card for his Pillage Pile.  If he cannot beat the Defender’s defence, then the monster takes a point of damage.  Too many damage points and the monster dies.  Lose all your monsters and you are out of the game.

PILLAGE! averages 30 minutes of play time and is designed for 2-4 players in a competitive setting.  It is appropriate for children and adults alike.  PILLAGE! will be published with two Pillage Packs with initial funding, representing an easy village and a moderate town.  The more challenging city is planned as the first expansion, and the cards can be mixed and matched to form locales of various levels of challenges for the players to play against.  Gamer Nation Studios will be conducting more play tests throughout the 3rd quarter of 2013 and expects a funding campaign on kickstarter to launch in October of 2013 with a target publication date of January, 2014.  The game will be available via the Gamer Nation Studios webstore and at your friendly local gaming store, distributed by Alliance Games.

Goblin Scout Lumber Kobold Mystic Sword Tavern Kobold Warrior

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