EONS: Cosmic Expansions

We have been working around the clock at Gamer Nation Central and are finally ready to reveal the lineup for our EONS expansions!  That’s right, I said expansions with an S.

There will be three expansions, all of them are slated to be from 25-30 cards and are designed to play together or separately in addition to the base game.  We are unsure of the packaging, as that is later in the process, but I’d like to reveal the cards that, as of right now are making the cut.  I’ll also give a brief set of rules, so this will be a long update.

EXPANSION 1 – Cosmic Bodies  This expansion is all about introducing new cosmic bodies into the game, designed to provide new options for existing game strategy and enhance the options for existing cosmic bodies in the game.

(5) Binary Stars – 0 VP; 0 E; Links two stars, and up to two resources may be moved between them during fusion.  They fuse independently from one another but the resource re-allocation must happen before fusion occurs on either star.  Focus token only protects one star of the pair.
(2) Asteroid Field –  2 VP; 0 E; Played like a nebula, but during the create phase can be launched at a player and treated as a cosmic collision.
(5) Verdant Planets – 3VP, 4E; These planets are like any other, but they already have life and can progress to civilization much faster.
(10) Orange Dwarf Star – 1 VP; 2 E – Supports 1 planet and costs 2H, 2C and 2E to build.
This set also has 3 Liquid Planet and 5 Civilization cards.

EXPANSION 2 – Cosmic Technology 

This expansion introduces new cards that enhance the role of life and civilization in the game of Eons, providing completely new options for play strategies. 

(5) Advanced Civilization – 0 VP; 0 E; Play this card to remove Life and Civilization from a planet and attach to this card.  The Civilization is now spacefaring, is immune from cosmic collisions and does not require a planet of support.
(5) Space Travel – 0 VP; 0 E; Play this card on two planets.  Both planets now generate VP and Essence from the same life and civilization card.  If one of the planets is destroyed, this card is lost.
(5) Colonization – 0 VP; 0 E – Attached to a civilization card, but does not count as a planetary attachment.  This allows the architect to build life and civilization cards on other planets and reduce the essence cost to play those cards to 0.
This set adds 8 more Verdant Planets, 3 Gaseous Planets and 5 Civilization to the game as well.

EXPANSION 3 – Cosmic Destruction
This Expansion is designed to provide a more cut-throat and challenging game of Eons for all players involved. It introduces new cards and mechanics to both reduce the cosmic stockpile of elements as the game progresses and put a tighter grip on the resource economy.

(2) Rogue Black Holes
 – 6 VP; 1 E; This Black Hole is played like any other, but it must be “fed” each turn by removing one element from your personal stockpile and destroying it (remove from game).  If an element is not destroyed, the architect loses this black hole and it is discarded.
(10) Brown Dwarf – 0 VP; 4 E; Supports 2 Planets. This is a star that never ignited.  It cannot be destroyed by player action and resources used to build it are locked on the card.  Each fusion phase after creation, one element is returned to the stockpile and when the star is empty, it collapses and is discarded during the following fusion phase.
(5) Red Super Giant – 5 VP; 4 E – Supports 4 Planets.  This star is created and destroyed like any other, but its mass is so large, it becomes a black hole.  When this happens, it can no longer support planets and will not generate essence.  This star will not generate Uranium when it is destroyed, and all elements on the star when it dies are destroyed (removed from game)
4 Supernova cards, 3 Asteroid Fields, 3 Earthen and 3 Molten planets as well as 6 black hole cards will be added to this deck.  The 6 black hole cards are not kept in the deck, and are used to replace the Red Super Giants when they collapse.

Below is some of the art finals from the new cards entering the game.

Play Testing on these will begin next week!  Open playtests will start in November, so keep your eyes peeled!  We do not anticipate this being ready until 2Q 2014, but we are looking at a target price of $20 for the three expansions, which will also include the secret agendas and cooperative scenarios.

Again, thank you all for an amazing start!  We hope that these expansions will help make the game more enjoyable and will provide more options, increase replay ability and add more strategy to an already strategic game.

EONS Crew.



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  1. Great news! I like them all.
    I wrote some ideas I had, after reading Your post, on the EONS forum under “Espansion Ideas”

  2. This sound amazing. I really would like these expansions for Gamernation Con.

  3. Well, we have some news on that front. I doubt we will have a game in production by March, but it never hurts to dream!

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