EONS: Building Blocks

Gamer Nation Studios has taken EONS and cubed it!  That’s right, EONS Dice, or EONS: Building Blocks has entered public playtesting at Gamer Nationcon at the Tabletop Boardgame and Learning Expo in March, 2014 and was a resounding success!

The game plays in about 30 minutes, is fast paced and fun!  The premise is built on the EONS universe.  Players take on the familiar role of a cosmic architect, trying to build the best universe they can, but this time they don’t use esence, they roll their element dice.  Each of the white “element” dice have faces for Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen.  These dice are rolled and re-rolled up to three times in an Architect’s turn and build a recipe that corresponds to a star or planet (think yahtzee – 2 Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen equal a Liquid Planet).

As the architects progress, they are given chances to purchase heavy element dice that bring Iron into the mix, and give the players a better chance to roll recipes that bring the big stars and valuable planets into their universe, but at a cost.  Every time Uranium is rolled, the Architect earns a destruction die, which must be used within three turns or it blows up a cosmic body belonging to the architect that was not attentive, otherwise, when used effectively, it can be used to target an opposing architect to destroy a planet or star of their choosing, much like EONS.  The game ends when either 6 stacks of a particular planet or star type has been depleted or all the destruction dice have been claimed (entropy).


Are you ready to roll for it?  Gameplay demos will be available at Reapercon April 24-27 at the Lewisville Convention Center!

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